What Type of Paper Should I use?

Choosing the right type of paper for your next project or part is crucial, but can it be confusing. 50# Text, 28# Bond, Gloss vs Uncoated, Cover Weight vs Text Weight.

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Free Paper Sample Guide

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What to Look for?

Paper Rigidity

Thinner paper will fold better on itself multiple times, while thicker paper offers a sturdier feel and more stability for larger printed pieces.

Paper Coating

- Gloss Coating is great for marketing materials and consumer facing products.
- Color Copy excels with crisp high definition full color images.
- Uncoated Stock is perfect for text pages and technical documentation


Thicker paper will also have less "show through" and should be taken into consideration for multiple page items, especially in color.

What You Get

 • A List of all of Docunet’s in-house common paper stocks

 • Sample of Each Paper Stock, Listing Paper Weight and Type

 • Printing Paper Glossary & Quick Guide

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